At this year’s London Biennale Pollination in Las Vegas, attendees literally get lost in art. The multi-artist constructed exhibition, emerging as a satellite event from the London Biennale, features the theme “Maps, Mazes and Mysteries.”

The artwork is a collaborative effort among 13 artists who have handcrafted pieces according to one of the three M’s. Their work ranges in variety and format—from installations to performance-derived art—and is displayed between four different studios over two weekends.


Matthew Couper’s ‘Contemporary Urban Zen Garden’ (photo courtesy of Jevijoe Vitug)

Unlike in most art galleries, event-goers do more than the usual walk-through-and-observe. Pollination is an interactive effort between viewer and art, where an RSVP guarantees more than admission; it is an invitation to become part of the art-in-progress.

Described as “a reward for the inquisitive” by event organizer Matthew Couper, maps are given out to attendees, guiding them to a venue.

The venues, two of which are artist residences, are transformed by self-navigated labyrinths, intricate displays and original artwork uniquely designed and imagined by Pollination’s handpicked artists.

Couper, a New Zealand native and local artist, curated the London Biennale Pollination in Las Vegas with fellow artist and writer Jevijoe Vitug. He says the theme, although developed as an international concept by London Biennale creator David Medalla, has deep roots in Las Vegas.

“Vegas changes often, to the point where a map becomes useless after a few months,” Couper said. “It’s a city that operates as a changing structure and generates a lot of mystery for the people who come here. It’s an easy place to get lost.”

And for the people who come to Pollination, getting lost is just part of the fun.

The London Biennale Pollination takes place June 21 and 22. RSVP at [email protected]