Photo courtesy of H&M

Wanted: Balloon Dog Bag

Jeff Koons’ collaboration with H&M was hotly anticipated—and hard to get my hands on

I spent all day yesterday thinking obsessively about the fabled Balloon Dog Bag. As the moment of its arrival approached, I felt like a child anxiously awaiting a first trip to Disneyland.

Some background for readers who don’t yet share my BDB fixation: Artist Jeff Koons has partnered with H&M to produce a $49.95 leather handbag featuring his “Balloon Dog” sculpture on the occasion of the Koons Retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York and the opening of a new flagship H&M store on Fifth Avenue. (Food for thought: Koons’ orange BD sculpture sold for more than $50 million.)

With the much-anticipated purses hitting shelves yesterday, my only hope would be to purchase online, as sales were limited to 18 stores across the country. I called every H&M in the valley to verify this fact and, much to my dismay, spent several moments explaining to sales associates what the bag is all about (“Koons who?”). Perhaps no explanation is needed as to why the bag is not being sold in Las Vegas.

While the H&M website didn’t list a specific time that the bag would be available, at around 10:00 p.m., after refreshing the site for hours, I finally secured two BDBs! Quickly checking Ebay, the prices are already averaging around $1,500 for a signed version of the bag.

Let’s hope Mr. Koons makes a trip to Vegas soon to visit his $28.2 million Popeye and his $33.6 million ‘Tulips’ bouquet that reside in Wynn Las Vegas. My $49.95 bag would love to meet its maker.