The Wright Way

Rapper Dizzy Wright spreads peace and positivity

Don’t let the tattoos, snapbacks, droopy eyes and blunt-after-blunt diet fool you: Rapper Dizzy Wright is a hippie.

The 23-year-old Vegas native lives by his mantra of three M’s: maintain, “Mary Jane” and make art. He’s been doing the latter since he was 8 years old, with six mixtapes, three EPs and one studio album to date. The second “M” is self-explanatory. But despite his tireless work ethic and the smoke clouds that surround him, the first “M” is his priority.

“It’s about stability, just being able to handle being a rapper, being a father, being a brother, being a role model and just helping everybody around me to be better people,” Wright says.

That positivity is Wright’s trademark, heard on songs such as the unifying anthem “World Peace” and “Red Balloons,” a dedication to slain and kidnapped children. It’s why loyal fans nationwide adore him, and why you should stick around for his set on October 26 at this year’s Life Is Beautiful festival.

“I like getting a message across,” Wright says. “Every day I read some shit that makes me want to rap about it. Everyone wants to be funny now, and nobody wants to focus on the real issue.”

A perfect example: The recent killing of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, inspired Wright to pen the somber “I Need Answers.” (Why do we always feel like a target? he raps on the chorus.)

While he’s all for awareness, Wright still knows how to have fun. Just listen to the bouncy banger “Everywhere I Go.” When the refrain Everywhere I go turn into Vegas/ Now it’s time for y’all to get wild hits, you’ll do just that. Then there’s the live show—bring a mask if you don’t want a contact high. But the partying doesn’t derail Wright’s righteousness.

“We need to create more leaders instead of more pimps, players and rappers,” Wright says. “We need [people] who can actually do stuff.”