The Party Must Go On

Fall and winter daylife keeps Vegas hot as the temperature drops

Remember when the end of pool season brought to a close the acceptability of passing out midday? Neither do we—conformity’s never been our thing. But we’re still grateful for the geniuses behind the daylife parties that outlast the summer months. From a bikini-friendly winter pool party to a dining room devoid of etiquette, here’s the latest on the four daytime gigs that will keep the frolicking going till spring.

Marquee Dayclub Dome

Now open.

Pool season is year-round now thanks to Marquee. The dome—a 22,000-square-foot structure—acts as a roof, keeping the space above 85 degrees. Even better, the pools are heated. Expect the same raucous pool party the dayclub is known for, just don’t forget your parka for walking to and from the car. Open for select dates (such as the Freak Show Fun House Pool Party, November 2), the dome also will be used during normal nightclub hours, minus the swimming.
In the Cosmopolitan, 702-333-9000,

XIV Sessions

The party starts October 19.

Hyde’s monthly day-to-night party is back for its third season. The themed event kicks off with The Resurrection of XIV (in other words, please resurrect your favorite XIV costume from years past) on October 19 with DJ Zen Freeman—and yes, costumes are highly encouraged. (Here’s hoping the guys step it up instead of simply using it as an excuse to rock a hat and sneakers in the club.) The party starts at 5 p.m. and goes into the wee hours of the morning. In Bellagio, 702-693-8700,


The unicorns arrive October 18.

More wild, costumed frat party than pretentious club soiree, Ghostbar Dayclub steps it up for its fourth season with bottle pricing fit for finances of the collegiate variety. Opt for $125 specialty bottles of Fireball, Don Julio or Jägermeister, because when you’re drinking a 40-ounce from a brown paper bag—a GBDC staple—you can stop pretending you’re schooled in craft beer and mixology. SEMA takes over November 8, while DJ Ace (Trey Smith of Will Smith daddy fame) celebrates his birthday November 15. Saturdays starting at 1 p.m., in the Palms, 702-942-6832,

Lavo Party Brunch

Brunch is served starting October 18.

Make no mistake: The food at Lavo is #foodporn worthy. But, the real reason you’ll want to schedule a late brunch (really more like an early dinner)? You can dance on the table, which you’ll want to be doing when the gold confetti showers strike. Enjoy a Beach to Brunch season opener October 18, followed by a Dia de los Muertos theme November 1, and celebrate Movember on November 29. Saturdays starting at 2 p.m., in the Palazzo, 702-338-8588,