Wonder Walls

Life is indeed beautiful Downtown with these works of art

The Street Art program from the 2014 Life Is Beautiful festival left a colorful mark on Downtown Las Vegas. Rated spent time in the field with the muralists leading up to the event. In the end we paired their great works with this fashion season’s most stunning looks.

November-Fashion---Anthony-Mair--Vegas-RatedBicicleta Sem Freio

The first time Brazilian trio Bicicleta Sem Freio (Bike Without Brakes) painted a wall was a year ago at the inaugural Life Is Beautiful. It’s the trippy one with the floating eyeballs on Seventh Street between Ogden and Stewart. And they followed it up with a wall of LIB artist posters for fun, since they were in the neighborhood. Having illustrated concert posters and album covers for the past 10 years, the experience gave them a new canvas to explore—and launched them on a world tour. They’ve since left their vibrant, DMT-dripped works on walls everywhere from Los Angeles to Lisbon. “We never stopped,” says Douglas Castro, the self-described “dramatic” one who most loves painting women, skulls and fire. While last year’s mural remains, the new one has a deeper tie to the Downtown community. Painted alongside The Market on Fremont Street and replacing their own painted posters, this mural features the collective’s signature “hot chicks” in a lush garden of fruits and vegetables, the piece itself providing nourishment for the neighborhood just like the new grocery store. “It’s like a picnic—a psychedelic picnic,” Castro says, joking that we may have just named the piece.

“In Las Vegas people are [accustomed] to huge things, a lot of lights. You have a lot of things to see. It’s not an easy task to make people stop and look at your work.” –Douglas Castro

ETRO coat Saks Fifth Avenue in Fashion Show. PETER PILOTTO dress Neiman Marcus in Fashion Show. VERSACE bracelet Versace in The Shops at Crystals.