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The Ladies of Nightlife - Page 10 of 10 - Vegas Rated

The Ladies of Nightlife

Meet the power players who have broken the glass ceiling

R2_dj_88_by_jon_estrada_finalBree Delano

DJ and Brand and Entertainment Director at Insert Coin(s)

Hometown: Los Angeles

Years in the industry: 10

For DeLano, better known by her moniker DJ88, her experience is an advantage in an industry dominated by young men. Not only does her versatility help her book gigs that showcase a varied arsenal of sounds, she’s got the business savvy to parlay it into other opportunities. Case in point: landing the entertainment director position at Insert Coin(s). After joining the venue’s DJ rotation three years ago, she now uses her 10-year experience in Los Angeles and New York’s music industries—from managing DJs such as Adam 12 to assisting Tina Davis of Def Jam—to “put together a team of DJs that is fresh and new and untainted.” And considering Downtown was her playground when she first landed in Vegas nine years ago (she previously held court at Downtown Cocktail Room and The Griffin), she knows what it takes. “You have to accommodate different ages, different lifestyles, different tastes in music,” DeLano says of getting it right in DTLV. “You have to work 20 times harder when you’re a DJ in that position.” Beyond nightlife, she curates music for several restaurants, hotels and high-end boutiques, as well as corporate clients such as Moët Chandon and Cirque du Soleil. She also recently became the music correspondent for local TV station FOX 5.

Photograph by Jon Estrada

Photograph by Jon Estrada

The balance: “I’m a single mother. I tip my hat to every single mother out there.” In addition to the help of her mother, she says, “My ex-husband is an incredible man and an awesome father, and we co-parent brilliantly together.”   

Boys’ club: “I never really looked at it as I’m a female DJ,” DeLano says, although she notes that when she started few women were being hired.
“I find that it’s cooler to create your own lane and become a brand and make a name for yourself, rather than just being a chick at a random club.”

How the ladies play: “I am and will always be a club kid,” DeLano says. But, she adds, “I feel as sexy in the kitchen as I do behind the DJ booth. I’m playing music; I’m drinking wine; I’m cooking for 10 people, and I’m the happiest I could possibly be.”