We all have dreams, but some are more difficult than others to actualize. What if your dreams need a helping hand? Who ya gonna tweet? Charles Ressler, that’s who.

When Ressler enters the room, his enthusiasm and passion fill it first. With his booming personality, there is no better voice than his to spark a social movement.

A New York native who has lived in Las Vegas for four years, Ressler became embedded in the fabric of the city as the former head of communications, programming and sponsorship for First Friday Las Vegas. Then in late 2013, he came up with a life-changing idea.

“Doing my best and making it matter is the only thing I have as a human,” Ressler says. “The fear of becoming disillusioned became the impetus behind finding something constructive to reignite the altruism. After meditating on it, the universe called #dreamMaker into being. The subsequent days and weeks were spent furiously working on figuring out how it could work.”

“[T]he more dreams you assist with, the closer you are to your own.”

The idea behind #dreamMaker is to introduce “‘dreamers’ to ‘makers’—those with the ability to connect and constructively add to the realization of dreams,” he says, and it all started with a tweet: “It begins … #dreamMaker.“

In a year’s time, this idea helped facilitate the achievement of 35 dreams via social media, elbow grease and the kindness of friends and strangers. Taking #dreamMaker to the next level, Ressler is debuting an app on April 2. The app will allow dreamers and dream makers—who are able to remain anonymous–from around the world to create a profile, post their dreams and receive notifications, as well as designate favorite dreams.

“My hypothesis is that the more dreams you assist with, the closer you are to your own,” Ressler says.

In that vein, Ressler has been working on a dream of his own—using his voice to effect positive change.

Never one to just be content with the status quo, he has produced, written and is starring in an upcoming performance in The Smith Center’s Reynolds Hall, also scheduled for April 2, appropriately titled Brave and directed by Larry Pellegrini, creator and director of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. This is a platform to raise awareness and funds for three not-for-profit organizations. “You only get to keep what you give away,” Ressler says. It will benefit Opportunity Village, I Have a Dream Foundation and the Las Vegas Philharmonic. “One person, five people or 2,000 people, I hope this calls people to believe in the community around them,” he says.

In preparation, he has been practicing aerial routines three hours a day, three days a week with Delphine Gaillard (an original cast member in The Beatles LOVE) and working with vocal coach Jimmy Lockett (Broadway cast of Cats and Starlight Express). 

“Of all the brave people in that room that night, I need to be the bravest in order to get the message across about what living a brave life can garner,” he says.

April 2. Tickets are $22-$99. The Smith Center, 702.749.2000; thesmithcenter.com