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All-Natural Beauty - Vegas Rated

All-Natural Beauty

Four beauty brands harnessing nature’s finest ingredients

This July, we couldn’t walk the showroom floor at Cosmoprof North America beauty trade show without hearing the phrase “all natural.” So after some careful scouting, we pinpointed four brands that are leading the beauty industry back to the basics.

Daily Concepts Your Body ScrubberDaily Concepts

As clean as that month-old loofah might look, it’s probably doubling as a  bacteria den. That’s why Daily Concepts’ loofahs ship with tag indicators to alert you when it’s time to replace them. Each loofah is made out of natural components and internalizes soy-based foam for an eco-friendly wash. Choices range from stretchable loofahs to two-sided texture scrubbers and even exfoliating gloves. Not the loofah type? Don’t worry. Daily Concepts offers preservative-free Konjac sponges infused with everything from charcoal to turmeric for PH skin balance. We also got a peek at Daily Concepts’ new Spa2Go skin treatments, which are based on nature’s superfoods—sacha inchi, quinoa and lucuma. Yum! $10-$18;

RelaxHey Honey

Narrowing an effective morning beauty routine down to one bottle used to be the stuff of dreams. Now it’s just called Hey Honey. Nisso Larden says he and his wife, Katerina, created the skin care line with the 98 percent in mind—those who lack the time to slather on six different products before heading to work or getting the kids ready for school. Honey is at the base of most moisturizers, lotions and cleansers due to its healing properties, but it lacks the syrupy application you might expect. In fact, it’s gentle and light enough to substitute for makeup primer. One other standout ingredient comes from Hey Honey’s 911 Pro Gel, which treats acne and burns with propolis, an ancient property that repairs and protects the skin. It’s popularity spans all the way back to Egypt, when propolis was used to embalm mummies! $19-$41;

RaptureGabriel Cosmetics

There’s a reason Gabriel DeSantino’s brand is so successful in the natural cosmetics industry. He listens to his grandmother. As an herbalist, DeSantino’s grandmother viewed the ocean as a basin of healing. This influenced Gabriel Organics, a collection of seaweed and sea fennel cleansers to keep the skin sand dune smooth. On the makeup side, Gabriel Color’s an earthy assemblage of soft pinks and plums while ZuZu Luxe’s collection pops with more daring shades. Both lines come gluten, lead and paraben-free. Even DeSantino’s nail polishes lack the toxicity of formaldehyde and toluene—common chemicals found in paint thinner, gasoline and pesticides. If you’re searching for a one fell swoop way into natural cosmetics, Gabriel is a worthy start. $15-$50;

AvocadoOlive_PairNew_noRefPeter Lamas

There’s no other way to introduce hairstylist Peter Lamas without listing his clientele. Diana Ross, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Faye Dunaway are just a few. Sales manager Carol Steele describes Lamas’ hair, skin and body care as a balance between “natural and healthy science.” Research precedes production every time, and it shows. Everything from the avocado and olive shampoos to the antioxidant body lotions and the age-defying face creams (with apple stem cells) is 100 percent vegan and rich in botanicals and herbs. Lamas’ hair solutions will enhance and treat your mane while also adding length if you stick with the routine. And all products are fragranced with a hint of essential oil, so you’ll always look great, smell approachable and feel eco-positive. $19-$54;